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Hi mom! Episode 12
Description: Yellow Magic roses are yellow roses with a red tip. There is also Konfetti, High and Magic, Ambiance and Circus roses that are similar.

Yellow roses with a red tip mean obsession.
Description: Friends of the Rose!

It is so fun to talk about flowers and be blessed with their beauty. Send flowers today and brighten someone up.
Who are you thinking about today?
COMMERCIAL Episode 11 Part 1
Description: Learn about flowers. They are magical and have healing powers.
Kiss 040221 Episode 10
Description: Sunflowers are like kisses. Send someone a beautiful sunflower bouquet. They are so happy and wonderful to receive. We carry all types of flowers. We are here for you.
MILK 040221 Episode 09
Description: For 2 weeks I did a partial milk fast in which I ate food until noon and fasted with beverage, chiefly milk, until the next day.

An increase in stamina was my goal and I achieved it. Milk has 9 essential nutrients that the body needs. Next fast, I am going to add vegetable juice. Keep you posted!! It takes strength to run a flower shop!
IGUANA 040221 Episode 8
Description: Roses come across the border.


Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice.
DREAM! 033121 Episode 7
Description: In 2015 I was given a very important hand signal by our Lord Jesus. I do this signal every single day, many times. My household does this signal while saying: I am strong with Jesus. My partner came to me in a dream, doing this hand signal and me following up with it also. DREAMS ARE IMPORTANT and can help guide your life.

Together we can have our best life for the children to witness. Be the best example and live for others. Invest in humanity and experience joy.
Strength 032921 Episode 6
Description: MILK FAST!! FEEL YOUR BEST. Each day I eat breakfast and then after 12 noon, I only drink milk or beverages. No food after noon. I will continue as long as it takes
Reflecting Love 032521 Episode 5
Description: We are made from love. We are to reflect that love which shows reverence.
24 Yellow Roses Episode 4
Description: Flowers are magical. Yellow roses mean friendship. Add a red tip and they mean obsession.
Ten Dozen 031821 Episode 3
Description: I had such a great time making these lovely bouquets.
Green Paint!! 031721 Episode 2
Description: Painting flowers is part of the artwork. The floral paint does not affect the bloom of the roses and the flower fragrance will prevail.
The Deluxe 031621 Episode 1
Description: Hi Everyone!
I love flowers so much. They are such a gift to us. This is my first episode and I will continue showing you the flowers. Maybe you can learn about them.

The Rose Queen

P.S. I love you with all my heart.