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Maxine Vaccine written by Gina Cerise

Lyric Credits: Gina Cerise, Glen Mitchell
Music Credits: GIna Cerise
Producer Credits: Gina Cerise
Publisher Credits: Gina Cerise
Performance Credits: Gina Cerise
Label Credits: Geyser Records
Short Song Description:
Maxine and her rhetoric are both obscene and dangerous.
Long Song Description:
This was the most difficult song for me to write. During the course of writing I had to move my studio. Over and over again I had to rewrite the lyrics because my two computer and printers were acting up like bad kitties. Finally it came together and it was punk. Hell has frozen over.
Story Behind the Song:
Glen gave me this title .
Song Length 3:13
Primary Genre Rock-Punk
Secondary Genre Rock-Alternative
Tempo / Feel Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Politics
Subject Matter 2 Conservative
Mood 1 Pleasant
Language English
Project 9, Drum click tempo 128, 001, 8Beat2
Maxine Vaccine
Maxine Vaccine
She's not my mother She's not my sister
Not my brother or my mister
She is Maxine Her words obscene.
To push back, Is her attack.
Tells her followers Run a campaign of hers
And confront Is her affront!
Words of war She does explore.
Offend the right Is her fight

There's something going round
Coming to your very town
Better hide or disappear
The political plague is here.

Please medical science find a cure
For the unhinged and demure
Stop the calamity
Stop the insanity
Give us the vaccine
To avoid the Maxine

The Maxine
The Maxine